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By Joanna (anonymous) | Posted March 04, 2013 at 19:46:05

Chris Angel,
Are you aware that with all that asbestos, lead etc that neither the city of the schoolboard made the Ministry of Environment aware of the Sanford demolition. I have an email from the Ward Councillor assuring me that they will work closely with the Ministry of Environment as they have with past demolitions and that I could rest assured.
Only days before the demolition began I contacted the Ministey of Environment's officer Joe Magigic who had no information that any demolition was taking place. I then contacted the Ministry of labour to make them aware of the hazardous materials that demolition workers may be exposed to.
I had quite a bit of back and forth with Joe Magegic who sympathized with my concern as he stated to me that he was having great difficulty gaining access to information on the Sanford school demolition.
Finally he opened the file both labour and Enviro ministry became involved but guess who had to make it happen?
Rest assured it was not the Ward Councillor, the chief building officer, the HWDSB or the firm that was hired to demolish the school. It was me. A resident not living in the immediate neighborhood but one who still gives a damn about fairness! Now with that being said and all the materials you claim are inside do you really feel the HWDSB is trying to do the right thing, for the children, neighbors etc?

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