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By tammy (registered) | Posted March 04, 2013 at 16:38:06

I have lived in the South End 42 years. Yes it has never the best area by far not the worst. There are only two buildings that give it a bad rap. People think if there are two buildings then all the South End is bad not true.

There are a lot of nice people that live here and work hard and take pride in there homes.I have own a house in the South End for 6 years I bought my house for $191.000 and it is now worth $295.000 can you say that. I know people that own homes and rent apartments they are very nice.

If the South End is so bad how come our property values keep going up. My family have no worries to go anywhere we want at night. This area is a safe place to live. So when you need to make your area sound better then what it is don't use the South End as your escape coat.

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