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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted March 01, 2013 at 12:08:46 in reply to Comment 86921

You hit the nail on the head regarding his character as mayor.

This mayor has probably received more public scrutiny and generated more public discussion about his actions than any other in history. Thank the internet and the rise of social media for that - other mayors may have done so in a more private manner or over a coffee shop table, but there have been countless discussions online on various sites about him (and some of the local media outlets do seem to be taking him to task more than his predecessors).

There are probably many who do cut him slack. But I think the engaged public does not.

Bratina does not listen though. He does not discuss. Not with citizens, and not with his own council, despite repeated criticisms over it and multiple opportunities to change his approach and begin having real two-way conversations.

Outside of the mayor doing something that would get himself ousted, there may not be a lot people can do except continue to talk, get their voices heard in the media to amplify their thoughts and ideas, push their councilors to do so in council on their behalf (another challenge, since some of them are just as stubborn), talk to other community and business leaders to push them to raise their voices, and just maybe convince some new candidates to run for election in 2014.

If anyone has other thoughts, please share. Perhaps I'm not thinking critically enough ;-)

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