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By PublicSpacePete (registered) | Posted March 01, 2013 at 12:07:09

Unbelievable, that this blog and the comments merely confirm Dreschel's article. He says that all Hamiltonians need to look for common ground and work together to get stuff moving and then you again nail all people outside your group. IMHO a lot of the cultural downtown progress has indeed been made by the people that live there doing stuff. But the developers are also trying, so lets see whether the new hotels do bring in new visitors, hopefully so and its good that the developers have put their money down, subsidized with taxpayer money. We are a city in a mess in all areas with main roads, side streets, sewers, lack of jobs, public transit, city overspending on the wrong things etc. etc. etc. Let's have some reasonable discussion and use facts to make the right spending and cost saving decisions with our limited funds and stop the special interests getting their own. We need informed and involved taxpayers in all wards to tell councilors what WE want.

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