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By Jessica (anonymous) | Posted February 28, 2013 at 12:54:40

I'm happy to hear that the pedestrian crosswalk was fixed after a complaint was made. There is one of these crosswalks near where I live at Southbend and Upper Wellington. It used to be a functional pedestrian crosswalk but within the last year, the delay after the button is pressed can be as long as 2 minutes. People frequently need to cross Upper Wellington to catch the bus, which is very difficult to do during rush hour without the light. As a result of the faulty crosswalk, I have often seen people dash unsafely across rather than waiting, or finding a break in traffic, cross, and then a minute later the light changes with no pedestrian waiting anymore and traffic pointlessly idling. Both scenarios are dangerous and wasteful. I think I shall also report this light to the city. Can you comment on which department would be most effective to contact?

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