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By signals (anonymous) | Posted February 27, 2013 at 16:37:36

A few months after the fact but...

where did the author come up with $80,000 for a pedestrian signal? a pedestrian signal or partial signal costs about $250,000 and a PXO isn't much cheaper since the major cost is the underground work. not that money should be an issue since the city busied themselves to install 4 unwarranted, useless and dangerous (to pedestrians and drivers) partial intersection signals in Dundas just a couple years ago.

I personally think pedestrian islands are the best solution as they slow traffic but don't disrupt it, even if the city doesn't want to call them "pedestrian" islands I am sure they would improve the situation. That said this suggestion is for pedestrians accessing the plaza which is a nightmare in itself, what is the point in adding a crossing on Fennell when you will probably die walking into the plaza from that side.

I am sure the commenter who thought changing signal timings for the whole east west downtown corridor was laughable would change their mind if they realized what a massive project that would be, unfourtunately you don't just hit a button and make every intersection perfect

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