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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted February 26, 2013 at 07:58:55

Re: Why allow home and cell phone expenses?, Feb. 14.

Spending by some school board trustees is out of control. There is no reason why taxpayers should reimburse a trustee for both a home phone and cell phone and no reason why we should pay for their internet surfing.

The original article by Richard Leitner pointed out that Ward 11 and 12 trustee Alex Johnstone and Ward 13′s Jessica Brennan claimed low amounts of expenses, putting them on the “frugality list.” The article did not mention that Ward 1 and 2 trustee Judith Bishop is near the top of the big-spenders list.

A visit to the board’s website shows Ms. Bishop is the third-biggest spender of trustees, claiming $10,922.38 from the taxpayer since 2010. Ms. Bishop has claimed 22 per cent more in expenses than the average trustee.

I applaud trustees Johnstone and Brennan for respect shown to local taxpayers. Ms. Bishop should follow their example and get off the gravy train.

Mark Coakley, Hamilton

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