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By randomguy (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2013 at 17:12:23

Great article. With regards to casinos and temporariness, I wonder what becomes of Brantford's casino if all the other casinos end up built? A casino requires a certain number of patrons to justify keeping it open. I doubt that Brantford's local gamblers will be enough to justify keeping it open.

Some people look at Brantford's casino and point to the money they used to attract post-secondary institutions. That's true, but if they were so valuable (and I don't disagree that they are) that money could have been found some way. That's the way I look at Hamilton and LRT. The province is going to require us to pony up some money. Where is it going to come from? I would say limit police and fire spending and take the savings every year from that and put it towards an LRT fund. That money would be end up a far greater catalyst effect than a few extra patrol officers on the street, or the 600K mounted unit, that looks nice, but is really a waste of money.

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