Comment 86648

By dollarsandsense (anonymous) | Posted February 22, 2013 at 16:15:33

"Cost of this pilot? However much a few cans of white and green paint are, along with large tree planters to act as temporary curb bumpouts and add more greenery on the painted buffer zone between bikes and cars west of Locke"

Jason, if you would like to be taken more seriously, perhaps you should not be so dismissive of something as delicate as the cost of a project, no matter what the size or scope. Pavement markings, whether permanent or temporary, are not cheap, nor are planters, trees or concrete barricades along a lengthy stretch of roadway. Yes, they are cheap in relation to building a new freeway or buying a bus, but everyone with a passion about an issue is fighting tooth and nail to get a piece of the budgetary pie.

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