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By Fred Street (anonymous) | Posted February 20, 2013 at 21:23:09 in reply to Comment 86551

Getting ahead of myself. The following page shows the HSR's "Service Area Population" is 480,000, which gives you the 45 rides per capita annually.

Inspired by that math, a crazy hypothetical:

If the HSR retrenched, erasing low-performing routes and redesignating those buses along high-capacity corridors that are close to fare-rational, they might be able to improve their service. Take transit out of the wards with population density below 500 per square kilometer (ie. 11,12,15 in addition to 14), thereby reducing the service population of 480,000 to 401,000 (still more than three-quarters of the city's population) and giving the HSR an automatic bump to 55 rides per capita annually, assuming that the ridership numbers remain the same. They might just hold, since the buses you take out of those three wards can help improve frequency and reliability on higher demand routes. And since you are providing improved service to 11 wards, you would theoretically have the political clout to defend and likely improve existing funding levels.

But there are probably a host of good reasons for sticking with the status quo.

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