Comment 86452

By Mainstreet (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2013 at 07:31:49

WOW! One can so easily become misinformed by the local group's message of fear and calamity.The love and compassion for their fellow citizens would so heartwarming, if it werent self serving pap.A downtown casino will certainly be a gamechanger.The local low grade arts and entertainment crowd fear a quality choice of venue as opposed to what we now call culture.Those fears are well justified.May I say to those downtowners opposed to the new venue,noone has threatened the local artists handout schemes.You can still pretend at relevance and grandeuer and get your doleout from the backs of those you pretend you are sooo worried about protecting.Just keep the total cost of the arts quiet while you live off of those you supposedly care about.

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