Comment 86379

By PattyCake (registered) | Posted February 15, 2013 at 16:25:42 in reply to Comment 86232

There is a limited window of opportunity before the OLG decides where the license to operate a casino can be placed. If its not Hamilton it could be somewhere close by and then we are left out of the equation. Mercanti realizes this and does not want Hamilton to be left in the dust. They do not want to see Hamilton losing out on this opportunity... an opportunity for this city to benefit from over a thousand jobs, increased tax revenue, increased tourism. Get your heads out of the sand and stop claiming that the sky is falling for a small minority who have a gambling problem. The families who have problem gamblers within them have to take responsibility. Call your problem gamblers out and get help for them! The community should not be held back because of problem gamblers. YES CASINO

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