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By MikeyJ (registered) | Posted February 14, 2013 at 16:34:25

Yeah, I can't even figure out how old the building is:

The MPAC "Created" year of the 125 Barton property is 1979, but an environmental assessment there only states property, didn't exist there "before 1945", and a similar sized building being there in aerial photography in 1954.

Some points from what I found (your right about setting sail plan):

2012 - Public Health Services have non-clinical services (in a 700 sq ft portion of site) that could be moving to McMaster Downtown Health Campus

2010 - The property seemed to be pegged for Pan Am related use, there was also environmental concerns brought up by Matt Jelly after assessments done in 2009

May 2010:

"(g) That the City-owned real property assets property located at 125 Barton Street comprising an area of approximately 4.46 acres, which includes a storage warehouse (56,401 square feet) and a shop (10,113 square feet), be identified as surplus for the needs of the Public Works Department and that the real property be recognized as a strategic asset either for Pan Am-related development or other re- development opportunities in general, and that any proposed future use of this property be brought back to the appropriate Committee for consideration in accordance with existing policies."

Apr 2010:

"Market Value Assessment of 125 Barton (To be used for Pan Am Games) $1,000,000(revenue)"

"The 5-Yr Capital Requirements of 125 Barton: $2,156,952(avoidance)"

Setting Sail 2005:

"A. The City shall seek to relocate the Public Works facilities on Barton Street and Bay Street to allow the expansion, reconfiguration and improvement of Central Park. The adaptive re-use of all or a portion of the Barton Street Works building for recreational or other public uses shall be considered prior to demolition.

A. Subject to the relocation of the affected Public Works facilities, the City shall undertake to expand, reconfigure and improve Central Park as schematically shown on Schedule “M-2”. Any surplus lands created from the expansion and not required for street extensions may be sold for private residential development."

Higher quality 125 Barton St W image

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