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By Carlos (anonymous) | Posted February 13, 2013 at 21:36:05

I was reading a past editorial from The Spec, dated July 5th, 2012 where Howard Elliot argues that a casino in Hamilton is "not the sort of legacy we should aspire to."

What caught my eye was the first comment that appears after the article, left on July 27 2012. The commenter was RockHammer66.

Wow, what are the chances that someone picked a handle that turned out, 6 months later, to be the name of the company attempting to bring a casino to downtown Hamilton?

Now, who would pick the suffix 66 to add to the end of a handle such as RockHammer? Probably someone who is an "Route Enthusiast 66."

Finally, who would pick a handle such as RockHammer, add the suffix 66 to it, and comment on 13 articles relating to Carmen's involvement with Hecfi or the casino?

Probably PJ Mercanti! ( see his Twitter handle: ).

It appears that PJ has been a busy bee, check out the profile:

This is odd behavior at best.

At worst, we actually see PJ's real thoughts about the health impacts of a casino in the comment where he compares gambling addiction to his 'shopaholic sister-in-law.'

If Peter Mercanti's infamous comment "who are these people? what have they done?" was directed toward the chattering masses on Twitter, comments on blogs and online articles, and other social media outlets, well, I guess we can now answer him succinctly: Peter, these people are your children.

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