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By drb (registered) - website | Posted February 13, 2013 at 16:59:38

I believe the Carmen's/Hard Rock consortium made a critical error, from a business decision stand point, in announcing their bid intentions, appearance in front of council, and, well, everything PJ has said to the media ever since. They have mistaken the structure of the process. Right now the decisions are political: Host city - yes or no. The bids will be made to the OLG, and they will decide who wins the bids. There are many other, much larger, operators sniffing out potential host cities, quietly lobbying to determine the politicians appetites for a casino in their cities.

By making a big public announcement Rockhammer has become a local lightning rod for criticism. They can't control the debate and are reduced to a defensive position and this will negatively affect their brand. The big players are keeping their powder dry knowing that the game hasn't even started yet.

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