Comment 86246

By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted February 13, 2013 at 11:30:48 in reply to Comment 86235

I highly disagree. You say he is tempering his spin. I say he is only spinning with more sophistication. This article shows that although the things he says sound better than 'you don't count if you oppose me', they are actually bunk. Dressing up your position in deceitful nice-ities and biased data is not a step in the right direction. His article adds nothing to the debate.

For example he says that most of the money will stay in Hamilton. Maybe if you consider all the revenue from hotel, convention center, entertainment complex and casino, the sum of all of those benefits would stay in Hamilton. But if the debate is about the pros and cons of a casino, we know that upwards of 90% of that money is going to the operator and the province. When he says 80% of the money stays in Hamilton, that is a lie. Lies do not move a debate forward, they hamstring it.

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