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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted February 13, 2013 at 09:59:58

The discussion of a hotel at the casino is a red herring. No one is staying at non-resort casinos. Even the local/regional resort casinos (Niagara Falls and Windsor) are having more and more trouble attracting gamblers, let alone overnight guests. Their revenues are in huge decline. Down many hundreds of millions per year.

Expanding slots by 50% and adding 50 gaming tables it seems to me is the real deal. A deal that GCGC might very well be interested in putting in a bid for given that they've got $100 million invested at Flamboro Downs right now. The Greenbelt factor is important, but hardly unmanageable given that a facility of the exact same use is already there. It's not as if we're saying we'd like to build a big facility on farmland. It already exists.

Not only that, we get a new hotel from the Mercanti's anyway. At least, that's what they keep saying. To be honest, I think they can make a business case for the "glamour" part of their pitch. A downtown hotel (even if it's slightly smaller) can still have restaurants, rooftop lounge. They could even put a small entertainment venue (comedy club/performance space/etc.) in one of the many spaces in the Convention Centre. Revenue generating for them, thereby potentially cost-reducing for the City of Hamilton.

And one last point on the RockHammer pitch (it's a pitch not a bid, not even nearly), there seems to be little dialogue between RockHammer and Global Spectrum/Live Nation. Given that Hard Rock also books talent. Just how many ways is this pie being sliced?

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