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By Borrelli (registered) | Posted February 13, 2013 at 09:31:55

I want to take Mr. Mercanti at his word, but everything he does reeks of naked profiteering. If he really had the interests of the city at heart, and wanted to earn the trust of casino skeptics, he would build his hotel, he would run HECFI impeccably, and he would establish a program with Mission Services to help deal with the existing problem gamblers in Hamilton.

Then, once he has demonstrated that his group is truly looking out for the wellbeing of Hamiltonians (and not just lining their pockets while others take the brunt of the social consequences), perhaps Hamiltonians would be more inclined to support his ambitious plan.

But he's got it all backwards. He wants blind support for his scheme to build a state-sanctioned bank-machine for himself, and pays only lip service to a casino's larger negative effects.

Mr. Mercanti, show us your love for the city. Build your hotel, turn HECFI into a success story, and put your money where your mouth is on supporting social programs for gamblers. Do it now, then ask for the okay to bring a potentially risky project to downtown. Give me a reason to trust you.

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