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By Lee Edward McIlmoyle (anonymous) | Posted February 12, 2013 at 21:12:38

I attended tonight's session, and I think I devoted a fair bit of energy to discussing the need for LRT. I even got up and spoke publicly on that and a number of other issues our table addressed. It was a pretty fascinating session, but I have to admit, I'm still not sure if they've made a definite decision, or if they're using these sessions to feel people out and figure out where the best place to start and/or finish. I wish I felt secure that LRT is coming to Hamilton, but nothing I heard tonight really said it was a done deal. At least they weren't talking as if it's definitely OFF the table, for which I was openly grateful in the little questionnaire.

I hope we impressed them with our desire to see a real change. I think we gave them that impression. I certainly gave it a good whack.

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