Comment 86200

By Jack (registered) | Posted February 12, 2013 at 15:31:55 in reply to Comment 86194

God did not create us to destroy ourselves, just like you don't want your two year old child to harm him/herself. If your child does something you warn against (which is really only for their own good), you might decide to with hold his/her weekly allowance money, not because you are being temperamental/ upset, but because you may want to teach your child a lesson (i.e. actions have consequences) or because you don't want to enable your child to do something that is harmful to him/herself. Ultimately, as a parent what you do for your child will be for their own benefit. Really, you and I are not worthy of the blessing God grants us every single day, despite out ingratitude and careless attitude towards our Creator and Sustainer.

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