Comment 86142

By Tom West (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2013 at 13:39:38

Misleading things in the speech:
1) The "$1 billion" cost would be for both the B-line (MacMAster to Eastgate) and A-line (waterfront to airport). The B-line has always been planned as a stand-alone project that would cost ~$600 million.
2) He talks about getting 100% provincial funding, then how asks how the City will pay for it!
3) "LRT is ... not a cure for congestion, since we really don't see it to any great extent". Seriously?? Does this guy ever travel downtown?? The B-line LRT is about adding transit capacity - transit users along the corridor will all tell you how over-crowded the buses are. LRT will fix that so more people will take transit, and hence reduce congestion.

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