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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 07, 2013 at 13:22:20 in reply to Comment 85951

Have you read the documents GS links to Ryan? If not you need to. After you have read them tell me again he is not knowingly misrepresenting the environmental & health hazards at Sanford. He is a grown man (he is at least 60). He impugns the work of professionals with his dismissal of their assessment but that is OK? He has no credentials what so ever and no backing evidence for his claims that no major maintenance or repairs are required and that no significant hazards exist and that stands too?

I stand by everything I have said even what you have deleted. It has been stated in these comments that GS is disrespected by some at city hall. If he is as careless in his claims as he has been in this article then that does not surprise me. That was the nub of what I said that you deleted. Under the circumstances it should have stood.

I am posting for a reason Ryan. I despise people who disseminate false information. I believe in giving people as many facts as possible and letting them make informed decisions. GS is making false claims and I have taken him to task for it.

If that warrants censorship on your forum then you are free to censor and delete every post I have ever made on RTH. Most have been for exactly the same reason I have posted here. See my comments regarding Chris Ecklund who I was even more vocal in decrying. Yet those comments stand. Odd isn't it that GS who is a friend of RTH so to speak gets protection from you but Eckland doesn't. Are you playing favourites Ryan? Or perhaps GS had his lawyer send you an email? If that is the case Ryan don't sweat it man if I can sign off and assume full liability for my comments I will. I maintain they are borne out in the very documents Santucci links to.

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