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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 06, 2013 at 18:27:25 in reply to Comment 85929

My posts are based on the simple fact that without the requisite training a person can not simply enter a building and say "I don't see any hazards so it is not hazardous".

Nor can they look at an issue like water ingress and say "patch the roof over there and the leak over there will stop". Construction professionals do not simply eyeball a complex issue they have tests and test equipment to come to conclusions. Not GS though he has no credentials in the construction industry but he is so sure of himself he can simply say that HWDSB is lying about the condition of the school and pursuing a secret agenda.

That alone is sufficient to cement a reputation as big bag of wind. After reading this article I was ready to take him to task for that alone. I prepared a very critical post but then I saw the link he posted to the inspection and related documents such as the HWDSB 2009 Asbestos Inventory. I deleted my post rather than question his competence before I had the whole story. I read all of the linked documents and was appalled to discover they completely contradict what GS has said regarding the asbestos issue.

I did not set out to criticize anyone but between his arrogance that he can eyeball a structure like Sanford and his lies concerning the asbestos issue, he deserves far worse than anything I have said about him. If I really wanted to undermine his credibility all it would take is one link. I have kept the discussion focused on the Sanford issue, but you might want to investigate yourself and google Gary Santucci, Hamilton. It will give you a different perspective on GS.

The guy who is late to the party is Mike Clark. Oh I am not trying to stall things but at the 11 hour 59th minute but I have to ask whats the hurry... Yes that Mike Clark with his band of unnamed developers. Wow so that is it huh, sure sounds like Mike is stalling and others are pounding the drums. By the way he has not made an offer to purchase Sanford he has asked for time to prepare a "preliminary plan" which is not an offer either.

So I take it this is the sum total of all the "developers" ready to uhh develop Sanford. We will see if this preliminary plan actually involves anyone purchasing the property. My guess is not with that school on it but maybe Mikes "Invisible Five" will surface and show some long green.

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