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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 06, 2013 at 14:18:52 in reply to Comment 85907

I realize that but it greatly affects the purchase price and the terms of the purchase.

A developer may offer to purchase conditional on asbestos abatement. A developer may want to utilize the property without remediating the asbestos and other hazards. In this case responsibility for the environmental issues would fall back to HWDSB. Unless the details of which "developer" is "interested" and what they are proposing is known; it is impossible to know if the proposal is something the HWDSB would or should enter in to.

I am sure that a serious proposal would be of interest to the Board. If the price is at current market value, the buyer has the financial ability to close the sale and the sale will end the Boards environmental liability, they would be the corporate version of insane not to complete such a deal.

If you have proof that this has happened or is happening please enlighten me. So far I have only heard that unnamed "Developers" are "Interested". I have met a number of real estate "Investors" and "Developers" who have yet to purchase even a single property. These are the same types who bestow unto themselves the SELF DESCRIBED title of "Consultant" "Entrepreneur" or better yet "Philanthropist". Lots of people walk around making big noises about things they know very little about and hide behind self described titles backed by zero credentials and very damn little cash.
You people are trying to save a building. That is fine with me, good for you I wish you luck. What I strongly object to is the way Gary Santucci has minimized and distorted the condition of the building. The ends may be wonderful but it is wrong to intentionally mislead people especially when the majority of the people who read this publication are allies. You are misleading the very people who are likely to support this issue. I think it is the worst kind of manipulation. I am not talking about a little spin here and there or oops your bias is showing. It is an outright misrepresentation and I loathe that regardless of its possibly good intentions.

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