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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 06, 2013 at 01:34:45 in reply to Comment 85854

Gary, I think it might be me you were trying to respond to.

Asbestos is found in nearly every building who's construction dates from 1880-1980. In the 1970's the Canadian government was finally pressured into declaring asbestos a hazardous substance. They had resisted doing so for decades. No meaningful federal asbestos legislation has been passed since. This has allowed asbestos mining to continue up until this year when the last two Quebec mines collapsed financially after their Jean Charest $50M bailout dough ran out.

Few commercial, industrial or institutional property owners wanted to have to remove asbestos from their possessions. The Canadian government regardless of who is at the helm still insists asbestos can be used "safely". It is what their benefactors want and it saves governments at all levels the cost and inconvenience of removing a lot of asbestos from a large number of buildings.

Ontario law requires an "Asbestos Management Plan" be implemented in buildings such as Sanford. Asbestos in a friable condition is permitted to be encapsulated by wrapping it tightly and thoroughly with plastic wrap. Above plastered ceilings and in walls these pipes remain unseen for decades until a leak develops in an area that requires emergency attention. Typical procedure would be to remove only as much of the ceiling or wall as is required to repair the pipe and encapsulate a section of it. Floor to ceiling plastic would isolate the area and ducted fans used to create negative pressure to keep particles within the repair zone. This is the basic process that allows asbestos to remain in public and private buildings.

If I thought for a minute a class action law suit would have a snow balls chance in hell of winning I would gladly support it. Of course any person suffering from an asbestos related disease should consider the possibility exposure occurred in a school. Now if you are a developer do you want to take on a building containing asbestos? For a developer it is purely a financial decision but the presence of asbestos will play a major role in determining the cost to purchase or operate. This entire article is a disgrace Gary.

One or some of both of the following applies to you.

1.If you truly believe there are minimal hazards and only easily manageable repairs required then you have not read (with comprehension) the HWDSB inspections and reports you have linked to. In this case a fool has rushed in nearly totally unprepared.

2.You do understand that you are vastly understating the hazards and maintenance required. Perhaps cynically rationalizing this as using the same methods as the "other side".

My money is on a fool who rushed in who has probably managed to rationalize thus far but who will now be doing some very serious back pedaling when the number of miles of asbestos wrapped pipe is determined.

If you have been well intentioned but somewhat foolish do not be ashamed to admit it. Any person who claims to have never been a fool is a liar.

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