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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 03, 2013 at 21:14:12 in reply to Comment 85375

That is an outright lie. The environmental reports state that asbestos floor coverings, ceiling tiles, heat shields and counter tops are found in a number of areas, especially in the lower levels and the boiler room.

The largest asbestos issue is with the piping used to conduct water through the heating system. The asbestos pipe wrap is in poor condition where it is visible and likely in similar condition where it is not visible. These asbestos wrapped pipes are found in every part of the building. Frequently they are concealed behind walls and above ceilings. You provided the link to these documents.

When you say "we will be publishing" you are obviously hoping people will not bother to read them but will wait for your "summary analysis". Some of the gullible may wait for your pronouncement of the "truth". I highly recommend people read these themselves. They will be shocked to discover the magnitude of your misrepresentation. There is a major asbestos problem at Sanford and there is a mold issue (severity undetermined). This is the most blatant case of disinformation (on the part of Gary Santucci) I have seen at the local level. What a disgrace to try and pass this off as some sort of expose.

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