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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted February 01, 2013 at 14:52:25 in reply to Comment 85317

What utter bull shit. A few photos with "Yup looks good to me" is an expose? Of what? My son went to that school while another old wreck was demolished. I am very familiar with it and I know a few things about construction too.

All you have done is minimize the expense required to rehabilitate this building. If you and others believe it makes sense to maintain and operate Sanford I urge you to band together and hire a professional or reputable organization to inspect and assess this building. HWDSB did and clearly while a hazmat suit may not be required there is asbestos throughout the building. Any building this big and this old will require a large operating budget notwithstanding your few photos and single sentence anectdotes.

The only disgrace here is that this building was not pulled down years ago. If you want to question inner city versus suburban education spending that is where the issue may have some validity.

Frankly Gary this article is so disingenuous it undermines any credibility preserving Sanford may have had. Any structure can be rehabilitated, all it takes is money. This building like many of its age will be a money pit. Pretending that it is in far better condition will not change that nor will it convince those who require facts before supporting an issue.

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