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By Voice Of Fire (anonymous) | Posted January 31, 2013 at 07:25:29

Lets say yes to a referendum,why?because that is democracy at its finest.Readers would kindly take note of the mess our council makes in order to keep their campaign funders happy.This needs to stop and a referendum is the only way to know and serve the wishes of the majority.Of course there is opposition to the will of the majority.All of those self serving interest groups have our local politicos thinking they are vote getting by caveing in to them and it does not work for the benefit of the city.Lets put the casino,LRT,two way streets,WFT,arts funding to hobbyists,subsidized housing those pretenders in the arts community and a couple of other issues all on the same referendum.Lets see the will of the people prevail instead of the loudest crybaby minority sucking the life out of the already overburdened taxpayers.

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