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By Hamilton Civic League (anonymous) | Posted January 28, 2013 at 15:17:18

Small businesses are the solution! Small businesses survive by adapting quickly to changing market conditions and they generate the type of jobs that are located near our homes. They occupy small sites and therefore can reduce or eliminate our empty storefronts. They typically ask little or nothing of government and simply need them to stay out of our way. Unlike big business, when a small business fails, only a small number of individuals are affected. If I had to choose one big business employing 200 people or 100 small businesses each employing 2, my choice would be very clear. Of course, having both would be nice, but not if we all must subsidize big business.

The City prefers to prioritze hitting home runs by attempting to attract businesses that require hundreds of employees and a very large footprint. In addition to the wages paid to City Staff to attract big business, we offer cheap land, discounted development charges, transportation guarantees, property tax reductions and more. All of this is subsidized by the tax payer; many of whom operate small businesses.

The problems identified above by RTH contributors will not be resolved until local government is held accountable. Accountability belongs to our elected officials and City management. Let's not allow them to deflect the responsibility to frontline City employees.

I would like to see the major theme for the 2014 municipal election address the issue of accountability, however we do not need to wait until then to begin to hold senior management accountable today. Please attend a Hamilton Civic League meeting and contribute to a plan to hold local government accountable at every level. #Accountability2014

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