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By Kiely (registered) | Posted January 26, 2013 at 22:21:28 in reply to Comment 85536

We are doing all of that Sean. In fact in light of the global economy and considering we are not a resourced based economy we aren't doing too badly in Hamilton. House prices are rising indicating the gentrification many people are asking for is still happening. Many new businesses and developments are taking place, perhaps not at the rate some would wish but it is forward movement. The "renaissance" of James, Locke and Ottawa continues unabated. The Supercrawl is getting bigger and bigger. We prevented a suburban stadium from being built. All pretty good no?

What we aren't doing very well is keeping up with our social service needs, with a ~$3 million dollar shortfall needing to be covered. We have too many people addicted to drugs and living in poverty. We have two steel mills that continue to pollute our city and take up some of the most valuable real estate and only one of them is arguably of any use to the entire city anymore.

We have some real problems no doubt, and this forum can be a great place to discuss them. Some of the glass-is-half-empty laments about predictably divisive progressive issues can get a little tiresome though. This city needs change but what it needs more is facilitation. I am unable to escape the feeling that this city is the way it is because many people who live here seem to like it just fine or simply do not give a shit. There is a chasm between the more "progressive" and "conservative" views (I use those labels loosely, I am not a fan of labels but those ones suit my point) in this city. The level of polarized-entrenched-bickering in this city is truly staggering.

If we are to see a significant culture change in this city that chasm needs to close and we need to start discussing the real problems, the life blood problems (literally and figuratively) that this city has. Getting your knickers in a knot over things like which way traffic is flowing, while noble, is the epitome of missing the forest for the trees. Combined with a condescending dismissal of all opinions contrary to your own it becomes counterproductive.

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