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By Anon (anonymous) | Posted January 24, 2013 at 14:46:30

It's my understanding that this property was promised to the neighbourhood years ago. The people then wanted it to be park land and that's what it's going to be returned to. I don't think we can expect the School Board or even the city to keep up buildings they can't afford. It takes developers and investors to keep buildings like this and until there is someone with enough money to buy it and maintain it we are all kidding ourselves thinking that the school board and the cities coffers are overflowing with enough cash to keep these beautiful historic buildings afloat. One thing we can learn from all of this, I think, is that we need to move faster on these historic buildings that we want to keep around. Identify them, and get them protected on the Heritage building list. Going forward we need to be proactive instead of reactive.

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