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By Flummoxed (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2013 at 10:11:29

I find this whole affair a further waste of money considering the state of economic affairs in Hamilton. 200 million dollar shortfall, almost 400k spent on this engagement project, which if cancelled, would line the pockets of the Ottawa firm hired to engage, now ordered to disengage. Then you got the police chief doing whatever he can to ensure the wheelbarrows of money keep floating into his stations so they can keep the status quo of goldplated pensions, equipment, new cars every 2 years, brand new toys and equipment. The whole thing stinks more than the smell of the steel mills as soon as one enters hamilton from that side of town. Engage?... Hold a pot rally. Half of Hamilton and more would show up. Or how about engaging those on welfare ?.... Find that offensive?

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