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By SCRAP (anonymous) | Posted January 10, 2013 at 00:57:43

Well, from my experience, many different types of people show up to events and often its depends who is putting on the event, as to who shows up.

I agree with Mahesh in terms of when we look at the makeup of groups, committees and so forth, they are almost always, white people.

Someone mentioned Laura Babcock, well at the Poverty Round Table event Ontario Communities Uniting, she was the communication consultant. I was not impressed as she went on about 150 media pieces in MSM, which have done wonders for the poor, meanwhile in reality, it has gotten worse and worse. Even on the facebook page, they have, meaning Ontario Communities Uniting, she wrote that the CSUMB, lifts people from poverty, which is wrong because what this benefit does is help people who are homeless get access to housing, it does not lift them from poverty. So I do not understand why they have her as speaking for the poor, when she knows nothing.

The poor or low income is made up of many people, which include newcomers and aboriginals. In my opinion, the low income people need to develop their own voice, to develop their own strategies and tactics, which may upset those who do not live in poverty, who are doing most of the talking.

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