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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted January 09, 2013 at 20:36:50 in reply to Comment 85007

To Terry Whitehead & Sam Merulla:

"“There’s a metaphorical expression - they should be skewed and tattooed.

That’s what I think right now,” said Councillor Terry Whitehead.

“First, the quality of work leaves something to be desired, but secondly, what broke down in our process? Were there steps skipped? Were all the mechanisms exercised? Did they check references?”

Where the hell is your INDIGNATION when a property owner files a demolition permit for multiple-buildings in the heart of the city, which were already recommended for Heritage designation.

The process here was willfully subverted by the Planning Committee and the City Staff, knowing very well that the Council was on a vacation?

"The city cited “some offensive and inaccurate” content in announcing they’d instructed Dialogue Partners to shut the site down."

There were ZERO response from the Council to this travesty, where multiple lies were told by the property owner and the local press. Further, there has been a clear case of ---violation--- by the Planning Committee and the City Staff, on account of which the city stands to lose a part of their city.

Yet, neither you or Merulla, or others on the Council (except for Jason Farr) thought it prudent to make a public statement to allay the worst fears of Hamilton Residents over THEIR Holiday season.

Now, this issue of 'Dialogue Partners'--which in my opinion is hardly an issue which can alter the very "physical form" of our city, brings you and Merulla out from the stupor of your Holiday!!

This is what I find morally and ethically offensive.

Both of you are nothing but cheap opportunists, who pick and choose what to responds and stand up for, in order to serve your pathetic careers that have extended well beyond its shelf-life.

You guys are more pathetic than the mistakes the communication company has made here.

Mahesh P. Butani

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