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By granng (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2013 at 18:18:06

To me, LOL AOA's defensive and denigration of Hamilton's remaining historical core suggests lack of awareness of how deep is the disgust and distress of those who live downtown. We are disgusted that the developer took the sleazy route in applying for the demolition permit when Council isn't sitting, and that our Councillors, mostly suburban, would allow this travesty to slip by.

My understanding is that the permit's a done deal.
That being the case, the only way to stop demolition is to block the machines ourselves.

I'm quite confident that there will be a good crowd turn up for that. :D
Cos this demolition idea is friggen looney toons.

And btw ... we want the

"I know all the heritage people. I knew there would be issues. I don’t know the costs." (Blanchard)

I'll tell you the cost of tearing them down: Your company name will be MUD!
Now ... let's get this done ... teach these guys something about what a LIVABLE downtown looks like. It doesn't look like empty blank highrise facades right against the street!!! That's DEADSPACE!!!

It looks like historical buildings with street presence ... cafes, retail, rooftop restaurants overlooking Gore Park fountain ... places where PEDESTRIANS come
and hang out for a while, enjoy themselves ... and spend money.
And it looks like LIVING SPACE - condo towers are good! Set back from the street, with courtyards between perhaps?
But NOT towers butting right against the street with their stupid blank walls and soulless stares, where beautiful historical buildings now stand, and will be forever mourned, just like the rest of downtown so foolishly destroyed decades ago.
This is not then. We simply CANNOT do that again.

... And I'm really partial to rooftop restaurants lining the Gore. :)

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