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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted January 09, 2013 at 14:22:26 in reply to Comment 84973

Many in the lower city live in homes built before it was common to have one car in a household never mind two or more.

Over the years the postage stamp front yards of much of this housing has been converted to parking spaces. The more people did this the more it became necessary for their neighbours to do the same. Each driveway added meant another street parking space was eliminated, prompting more people to do the same.

Parking two cars completely eliminates all space to shovel snow. The only space available is the street so shoveling a sidewalk in my area means shoveling it into massive berms leaving perhaps enough space for single file traffic.

Oh what fun the winter games are when two cars face off where only one can travel. The other favorite petty game here is blame the neighbour for shoveling too much snow in one direction. I don't play that one instead telling neighbours who get caught up in such stupidity that what we require in this area is SNOW REMOVAL not snow plowing which we seldom get anyway. Yes Jason it is broken, very broken.

Property taxes have been paid here for decades longer than most other areas. If this area requires snow removal there is no excuse for not providing it.

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