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By @bmoore123 (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2013 at 10:47:09

I couldn't agree with this more strongly. While I appreciate that the streets need to be clear, sidewalk travel in Hamilton can be a frustrating experience. I am blind and travel with a guide dog
often the sidewalk isn't wide enough for the two of us because of the snow banks.

street rossing is another fun part. we will often get to a corner and the cross walk is blocked with a couple of foot high bank of snow. this usually means going somewhere other than a cross walk to cross if there is a path at all. often there isn't and I just hav to convince the dog that we really want to climb over this snow rather than go around it which is what he's trained to do. This is a little more compounded when taking my child to and from school. Now I have to add the responsibility of the safety of a child to the mix. this is doable but would be a lot less frustrating and stressful if there were actually a path to get around as a pedestrian. Not all of us drive everywhere although the amount of empty hsr buses I have been on is amazing. are we sure that the 24 route ever actually has any people on it?


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