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By dEVILS advocate (anonymous) | Posted January 01, 2013 at 10:34:31

Why do we encourage even more poverty in our failing city?Here's part of the answer.The poverty industry itself is the main growth industry in Hamilton.We encourage poverty to migrate here, with free start up funds,free furniture and free illegal apts.Toronto investers are buying downtown properties and importing their tenants from out of town to live in illegal apts they have created and their tenants then receive all the perks provided by the local tax payers.For some reason city hall thinks its agood idea(?). We also provide subsidized housing for other perpetual incompetants, so they can live inside the bubble of unmet goals and failed dreams.These troughers will never leave since they can live out their ongoing pretensions with impunity, on the taxpayers dime.Poverty is the new steel,(did I spell steal correctly?)Lets continue to help those truly in need and stop importing more taxpayer liabilities .

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