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By DrAwesomesauce (registered) | Posted December 30, 2012 at 22:01:49

Forget Premi, the City needs to call on Bruce Kuwabara who had this to say about downtown/Gore Park a few years back on RTH:

He suggested focusing on the area around Gore park: bringing in a hotel and restoring the buildings for multi-use (live/work spaces). He would also like to bring back a cinema and open up the Farmers' Market to the street. Gore Park should be seen as a "cool" place to be, full of interesting and unique spaces.

He called Gore Park "one of Canada's great urban spaces." He believes that when Gore Park is once again the true City centre for all residents to shop, work and play, the downtown will be solidly on the road to recovery.

A big part of this is to bring back quality shops (instead of the mostly marginal, not to mention exploitative, shops there now).

His comments suggested that generations of Hamiltonian politicians have not really been urban people, and they haven't really appreciated or understood urban living.

The Current's host ended with a comparison of Hamilton and Brooklyn. Brooklyn is now one of the hottest areas of New York, despite having long been seen as the poor cousin to Manhattan. Hamilton has the ingredients in place for a similar renaissance. What is needed now is political will and enthusiastic residents.

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