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By MyNeighbourhoodIsDying (anonymous) | Posted December 29, 2012 at 01:15:04

Anything downloaded to the municipality will become "discretionary", even funeral expenses. This means if your worker is having a good day, you might get funded. If he or she is having a bad day, you probably won't. You might be unlucky to have the worker in the office that always says NO to everything. This is all arbitrary, no longer based on even the slimmest guidelines, and are not subject to appeal. People in need will definitely fall through the cracks. Our police department always wants more money than their budget calls for, so council crumbles under their weight, and will certainly cut more and more of these "discretionary" programs in the future. Because of the "discretionary" nature of these programs, I heard on good authority that ANY municipality can take the money and use it for some other priority, as long as it remotely relates to housing, e.g. repairing social housing units. They don't even have to offer ANY discretionary programs. In fact, many municipalities have exercised their discretion not to. And among those that do, the money seems to mysteriously run out in May or June, and too bad, so sad, if you are homeless. You have to wait until April before we can help you again.

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