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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted December 28, 2012 at 21:15:40

This excerpt from an article titled “History and condos collide in downtown Hamilton” by Paul Wilson on the CBC Hamilton website on Oct 23/12 is primarily what led to my post stating that a supermarket will probably form part of the Blanchard development:

“Blanchard would like to knock those buildings down and put up something new. He’s talking about a condo tower, parking and even a two level 60,000 square foot grocery store- even though Hamilton is about to finally get a full-sized supermarket in Jackson Square next spring, part of a new chain based in the GTA.

“There’s always room for more.” Blanchard says. “We’re working with national chains…there is some interest.””

The remainder of my post was based only on the hope that the supermarket chain chosen to become the prime tenant in the Blanchard project will see the importance and the cachet of integrating the 19th century buildings into its supermarket concept and begin to drive the project in that direction. That is why Fortinos was referenced in my post: as the national or regional supermarket chain with the deepest historical connection to Hamilton, perhaps it would be more interested than the other supermarket chains in integrating these buildings into its plan to some extent. These buildings will only survive in whole or in part if the prime tenant wants them to survive.

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