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By LOL all over again (anonymous) | Posted December 24, 2012 at 12:42:31 in reply to Comment 84374

It went that way because that is what people wanted. No one forced millions of people all over North America to flee the cores of cities and move to the burbs. The burbs were built because there was a demand for them. How is it subsidized? The money the cities get from taxes comes from the people who live there. Are you subsidizing Hamilton? Your brother maybe? The States? Europe? The moon? Mars?

If people wanted heritage buildings then people would buy them and use them. Apartments and office space in them would be in high demand spurning more projects to produce more square footage. Alas that is not the way it is in real life is it. Maybe future generations will think of this as the dark ages. That is there right. I think of some of our predecessors as living in the dark ages. I think some of the people who post on this site are living in the dark ages right now. Yet life goes on for all of us.

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