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By LOL@LOL (anonymous) | Posted December 23, 2012 at 14:13:15 in reply to Comment 84367

"That is why we have ZONING LAWS." Thank you for proving your hypocrasy. Rules that stop other people from doing things you don't like are perfectly fine, as long as there aren't rules to stop you from doing things other people don't like. You don't have a problem with control as long as the people in control feel the same way you do. In fact you're quite happy to see them force other people to suffer to convenience you, and to accuse them of wanting to be controlling just because they don't want to have to live in their community under YOUR rules.

Also I call BS on you not minding if the houses beside you were turned into a store. The only reason you can say that is you know the rules stop it from happening - rules you're quite happy to see enforced because they help YOU.

One more thing, you don't know anything about how much resources I have or anyone else on this site. But try taking a look at the bios of the people who write here. Dcotors. Lawyers. Transportaion engineers. Chemical engineers. Mechanical engineers. Software engineers. Stationary engineers. Engineering technologists. Architects. Mathematicians. Business owners. Publishers. Millwrights. Physicists. Biologists. Computer programmers. Designers. Geologists. Biochemists. Industrial researchers. Analysts. Journalists. Transportation planners. Elected politicians. Operations managers. Chefs. Business managers. Investors. Chartered accountants. Executive management consultants. Executives. Nuclear physicists.

You know, unemployed bums you can ignore with a wave of your self righteous hand.

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