Comment 84373

By wake up (anonymous) | Posted December 23, 2012 at 09:42:10 in reply to Comment 84369

Wait a minute here...

In Hamilton, those who chose the "single family home" life are the ones making decisions for those who didn't.

Don't pretend that this city is a free market economy.

The built city was raped and put into financial turmoil in order to build suburban wonderlands, pushing the edges out with new roads and sewers that we can't afford.

There is a demand for dense, livable, bustling downtowns - the evidence is in every successful city in the world.

But the suburban oppressors here won't allow it because they need to drive to work faster.

In just about every council vote, the suburban wards are making decisions on behalf of the urbanites.

So you can get off your high horse.

You, my friend, with your drive-through-the-city agenda, are the problem.

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