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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted December 19, 2012 at 13:22:05

Since this was brought up here on Dec 17th: "Ironically, an adult size soccer field was being proposed for an Elementary School..." -- the term Soccer Field has been replaced by Green Space!


The HWDSB also needs to publicly disclose the original BOARD IDENTIFIED PTR-CANDIDATE FORM that was filed by them for Sanford School with the Ministry of Education. This should have been filed by HWDSB by Nov 30, 2006.

The original PTR (Prohibitive to Repair) process mentioned that the Sanford School had a score of 85.90% (FCI by OTG)- (i.e. Facility Condition Index/On The Ground capacity - which reflects only the number of student spaces in a school).

This score was listed in the Ministry Identified PTR-Candidate Facilities Report (see above link), which was arrived at by using the --faulty-- ReCAPP tool.

The PTR-CANDIDATE FORM for Sanford School needs to be publicly disclosed by HWSBD immediately.

Given the Boards lack of transparency on this matter, they also need to immediately disclose to the public the "Environment Report" (along with the name of the consultant) that was used to stop people from entering the building sometime around/past November 1, 2012 - as mentioned here.

Also - if this was only discovered around Nov 1, 2012, what were the reason for withholding entry earlier in end July/Aug of 2012?

Mahesh P. Butani

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