Comment 84177

By Neil (registered) | Posted December 19, 2012 at 12:46:21 in reply to Comment 84175

no, some were concerned about the enforcement costs, which are involved with welfare. People don't think about animal welfare until they see pictures of suffering animals and then animal control is called in. That's a cost that many don't want to take on.

As for monkeys, don't be condescending. I don't mean to be cute, I'm actually very serious. Do all monkeys carry this herpes virus? Are they all violent? Let's say there is a monkey that is neither - would you be happy to have them as pets? According to your view of utility and nuisance, that's all you need - go get your monkey! I would argue that this is fundamentally ignorant of a quality of animal welfare we somehow both value deeply for pets yet totally disregard for livestock.

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