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By so what (anonymous) | Posted December 19, 2012 at 08:19:41 in reply to Comment 84135

Are you talking about that tiny stretch between the daycare and Augusta? Easy solution: one side parking there, and the occasional time you might have to wait for someone to get through before you can get by. A perfect example of what this looks like is Erie Ave (running south off of Main by the No Frills at Tisdale)

It is narrow, with two way and parking. And it results in speeds 100% appropriate for traffic moving through an urban neighbourhood. Catharine should not be treated as a through street. Nor should Walnut.

Our side streets have been specifically designed to be shortcuts. And we wonder why property values refuse to climb in our urban neighbourhoods?

Particularly troubling on Catharine is the 4 way stop at Jackson. It's a mess. With three one-way lanes stopping at the same sign, the person in the westernmost lane often can't see past the other cars and decides to just go for it. Taxi drivers are particularly bad there as they race to be the first one to the Hunter terminal.

And don't get me started on Hunter. Why is it one way at all? Like... really??

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