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By be fair now (anonymous) | Posted December 19, 2012 at 07:57:00 in reply to Comment 84092

Your original comment implied that from 7am to 6:59pm that stretch is a traffic jam, which you know is not true either. You're both routinely guilty of stretching the point.

The reality is we have nothing even close to congestion in Hamilton (the only city in the world where if we have to stop at more than two red lights across the entire city - or if we sit at a red for more than one cycle - we scream GRIDLOCK).

We can lose a lane at King and Queen FOR A YEAR and the net result even at rush hour is MAYBE waiting one extra light cycle for the average driver. Can you imagine losing a lane at Queen and Spadina in Toronto? It would back things up to the Gardiner. It would probably affect traffic on the QEW in Oakville (see how I stretched the point there with no harm to anyone ;-)

Bottom line: our roads are vastly overbuilt. It's keeping people away (tourists and new residents) which keeps businesses away. It's keeping our tax base too small. And it's costing WAY too much to maintain. Is there anything else in this city that simultaneously increases capital and operating costs AND lowers the tax income?

It is unaffordable! And no casin0, stadium, condo, fountain, grant, loan, mall, hotel or any other harebrained project is going to solve that problem.

We have basically one option here: make the city livable. And that starts with fixing our street design (and our density-killing bylaws)

Arguing about whether it takes 2 minutes or 4 minutes to get through International Village isn't helping us.

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