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By jason (registered) | Posted December 18, 2012 at 17:45:51 in reply to Comment 84105

great stuff. Yes, I encountered some info on all of those other variable factors when digging around for best practices from other cities. One thing that is helpful in Hamilton is the transit network extending onto almost all major streets. King and Main carry more buses, but at least the comparison with Up James and Concession is still a good one due to the heavy transit frequency on those streets.

My data does have pedestrian movements as well, but I didn't want to bog down this article by including all of that data. Suffice to say, streets like King, Concession, James etc...have much more pedestrian movement than Up James, Golflinks etc....

I came across a great downtown planning document from Richmond, VA which discusses the volume per lane number of 7,000-9,000 cars per day being acceptable in a downtown setting. In fact they are trying to encourage walking and cycling in their downtown, so I was pleased to see the 7-9,000 benchmark being promoted by their transit staff.

The document can be read in it's entirety here:


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