Comment 84108

By Sigma Cub (anonymous) | Posted December 18, 2012 at 15:34:00 in reply to Comment 84107

Absolutely not. Simply a casual aside I was trying to clarify.

Incidentally, that lack of demographic stratification is just another hole in the CCS study and in virtually every ecdev study of the creative class.

Added to which is the open-endedness of it all. The Ticats are creative professionals. Flamboro Downs is a creative class facility, as is Show World, as is the Arcelor-Mittal boardroom.

Putting a shape on this sector of the economy might be a fool's errand, but there are enough consultants around to at least give it a shot. And if EcDev is going to subsume culture, I would hope for something a little more sober and substantial in terms of analysis.

Anyway, this is all a detour from the main thrust of the thread. Bring on the two-way streets.

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